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56 brand new icons
every (acceptable) entry to bsgstillness ,bsg_stillness  , mary_imagic  and kmulgrew_stills  from the past few months

01-08 - A/R
09 - Laura Roslin
10-25 - Mary McDonnell
26-43 - Battlestar Galactica
44-56 - Kate Mulgrew

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Star Wars:Leia:Green

Sweet Apocalypse icons.
I know it´s been forever and a hiatus since I last updated but what can I say.It´s not that I don´t make icons anymore. I´m just very shy about posting them *shrugs*

01-18 BSG Seasons 3,4 , Mary McDonnell, several challenge entries
19-33 ST: Voyager, Kate Mulgrew, several challenge entries
34-46 X-Files 2 Promo Pics

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